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Chris Ormiston

Internet Marketing Guru

Chris is considered one of the top search engine optimization (SEO) and local marketing experts in the field today. He began his career at Intel, and has more than a decade of experience in software programming, web development, and SEO. Chris is the CEO of Search Matrix Marketing, a boutique SEO firm that specializes in SEO at a national level. He achieves top rankings with some of the most competitive keywords in the world.

One of his favorite projects was ranking on page one on Google, Yahoo, and MSN (at the time) for the keyword “Viagra” not once, but two different times. He achieved this once for his own company in which he appeared on CNN news, and then several years later when working for a client who was a large venture capital firm specializing in prescription drug delivery.

Chris has helped websites in the banking, medical, automobile and other sectors dominate #1 placements across all search engines. He has led the development of advanced optimization and off-page search optimization solutions that utilize the latest search algorithms, content creation, link building and effective lead capture pages to expand the digital footprints for companies and organizations. His focus is helping businesses build a targeted audience, increase traffic, enhance online visibility, and nurture marketing by combining a robust CRM system with social media growth engines and SEO.

Chris is considered a thought leader in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing, regularly addressing mastermind groups, technology and business conferences at an international level. He has also created many mobile apps including a specialized application for Lexus corporation that assists their delivery specialists train over 200 people per hour about their new Lexus vehicles as they receive their new cars. Forbes magazine touted this as “the genius bar of delivery apps”.

Recently Chris released specialized software, Local Oxygen, aimed at assisting local marketing agencies with local marketing task management, customer communications, and world class reporting. This software is now in use by over a thousand agencies in 8 countries and powers over 6,000 local marketing projects. Local Oxygen is responsible for many of the top local rankings in cities across the globe. His full service agency also provides done-for-you services for many agencies assisting them in their growth by allowing them to focus on growing their business instead of getting caught up in their business. Chris is currently working on several other local marketing related applications for both online and offline use by local businesses.