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Jeremy Howie

Head Social Media Strategist

Jeremy serves as the online marketing director for Axcelerate Worldwide. He also serves on the 2016 SMB board of Facebook and is considered one of the brightest social media marketers in the country. There are only 13 professionals selected from 3 million social media marketers to hold this prestigious position.

Gone are the days of just posting a blog or trying to get someone to read an advertisement on Facebook for the sake of advertising. Today…it is integrated and on steroids and we deliver the messaging how the customer wants it delivered and we track their behavior all over the internet…and pounce right when the time is right!

We think Tigger did a lot of pouncing!

Jeremy and CEO and founder, Robert Curtis Smith of Axcelerate Worldwide teamed up to form a transformational marketing powerhouse with the focus on re-targeting social media and online services for new clients. They are experts at capturing the voice of the customer and being able to deliver powerful personalized messages to those customers to create amazing engagements and an exponential increase in sales as a result of their efforts. They bring to Axcelerate the core of social media advertising, retargeting, unique insights and they leverage it all to maximize investment and increase ROI.

His expert team of IT and online specialists, have brought Facebook, Linked-in and Pinterest an entirely new fresh and innovative focus of high tech digital marketing.

Jeremy was born in Fort Collins and raised nearby in Windsor, CO.  He is a Colorado native and currently resides in Fort Collins. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1999.