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Paul Pavlik

CFO Client Projects

As the team leader for all client CFO projects for Axcelerate Worldwide with more than 34 years of experience, Dr. Pavlik understands the impact of how our business growth strategies affect the bottom line profits for each of our clients.

As our chief financial analyst for Axcelerate Worldwide, he established the baseline for our clients to achieve financial success with unique concepts and tools previously unavailable—tools that significantly augment information typically received from an accountant, bookkeeper, and/or software management program.

Axcelerate Worldwide provides financial forecasting proprietary software that allow business owners to use operational management concepts and do “what if” scenarios. He consults with companies that have as few as three individuals to companies with over six hundred employees.

He was President and CEO of a Colorado based think-tank dedicated to healthcare research and was Vice President of Western Regional Operations for a Florida based healthcare company. Additional credentials include Doctor of Dental Medicine, graduate studies in physiology, scientific research, and a provided extensive financial forecasting modeling.

He is one of the world’s leading experts in online and offline integration in marketing and has experience in developing these services in over 200 industries.