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Traci DeForge 2016

I was referred to Robert at a time I felt as though I was at a crossroads in my career. It was important to me to find guidance in helping me decide on next steps to take my business(s) to the next level. I wanted to gain clarity on which business to focus on for scalable growth as well as increase the quality of my client base for my consulting business. I needed to validate my own personal contributions to my clients’ successes as well as reframe the value of those services.

I spent two days in an intensive examination of my business. I was very intent on focusing on  the financials and operating systems of my business as well as examing the impact of future growth on my personal wellbeing and lifestyle. I also wanted to create a successful method and process for accessing new market channels and establish financial benchmarks.

The sessions were right on target with my expectations. I really appreciated the openness and energy of Robert’s process. It made a huge difference to me when I observed how much time he spent in advance of our session getting to know me and the ins and outs of my businesses. He was able to hone in very quickly on solutions during our time together instead of spending time in the session to getting to know me better. The use of time was far more efficient and enjoyable talking about next steps rather than spending it on reviewing the challenges I was facing at the time.

I left Denver with several valuable takeaways. The most valuable being the renewed inspiration to focus on the growth of my business as opposed to expending all of my time on the growth of my clients’ businesses. I left with a renewed sense of confidence to implement the actionable steps needed to accelerate growth of the business I wanted to build by working smarter not harder.

I achieved many tangible milestones as a result of working with Robert and his team while in Denver and beyond in the months that followed my initial intensive retreat.

– Robert was able to assess and create a specific business model for me to integrate into my already existing model. This enabled me to parallel track the cross pollination of resources to meet my ultimate objective of streamlining multiple revenue streams under one business

– I implemented new systems into my operating infrastructure which opened up more time for me to focus on the bigger picture of revenue development while the day to day time consuming tasks were delegated to my team.

– I took the outline of the model and the marketing tactics developed in the retreat and applied them to my consulting business. I experienced immediate momentum and acquired new clients under my new rate structure right away. I also increased my existing clients’ rates with a 100% renewal rate.

– I invested time and resources on the rebranding of my business including the development of a new website and targeted marketing materials focused on my specific areas of expertise.

– I started writing a book and created a podcast. The continuity of the themes of these two marketing outlets are a direct result of the coaching session with Robert.

I would highly recommend Robert to anyone with the desire to clarify their path to success. His energy is contagious. His expertise is infused into your business as a foundational pillar you can rely on for invaluable insight. His results are visible in the ultimate outcome of following the course of action you create together.